What are Test Closure Activities?

Test Closure Activities are performed when testing phase is completed. In this activity all the information regarding accomplished testing activities are gathered. Test closure activities are having the purpose of evaluating the testing process. Test closure activity is also about archiving the test deliverables like archiving source code, test cases, preparing test evaluation report.  Preparation of test evaluation report will be having information about how many test cases executed, how many are passed and how many failed. If any lessons that were learnt during testing activity that has to be documented. Test closure activity is performed when software is delivered to client or when a project is cancelled or any specific milestone is achieved.

Test Closure Activity will be having below mentioned major tasks:

  1. Verify all the planned deliverable are actual deliverables and if any deviation then that has to clearly communicated to stake holders.
  2. Archival of test deliverables like test cases, source code, test environment.
  3. Passing on the entire archival to concerned people like project manager. Providing all the information to project manager or resources who will be taking care of maintenance if the project goes for maintenance phase. Informations provided to them will be where all thearchivalare placed.
  4. Evaluating the testing process and making note of lessons learnt for future reference.

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